Current Classes

Current Classes

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Course Webpages - 2016 Fall

NOTE: For multi-section courses with uniform exams, usually only the coordinator's page is listed. If a class that you are looking for is not listed here, please contact your instructor or visit his/her own web page. You can find your instructor in our Faculty or GTA directories.

Class Title
Math 002 Intermediate Algebra (KAP) Director: Peterson
Math 101 College Algebra (KAP) Director: Peterson
Math 115 Calculus I Coordinator: Niknejad
Math 127 Calculus III Instructor: Katz
Math 220 Applied Differential Equations Instructor: Huang
Math 220 Applied Differential Equations Instructor: Oh
Math 220 Elementary Differential Equations Instructor: Shao
Math 290 Elementary Linear Algebra Instructor: Kachi
Math 290 Elementary Linear Algebra Instructor: Oh
Math 291 Elementary Linear Algebra - Honors Instructor: Porter
Math 500 Intermediate Analysis Instructor: Porter
Math 526 Applied Mathematical Statistics Instructor: Duncan
Math 558 Introductory Modern Algebra Instructor: Witt
Math 559 Modern Geometry Instructor: Kachi
Math 627 Probability Instructor: Duncan
Math 647 Applied Partial Differential Equations Instructor: Huang
Math 650 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Instructor: Johnson
Math 765 Mathematical Analysis I Instructor: Stanislavova
Math 810 Real Analysis Instructor: Shao
Math 824 Algebraic Combinatorics Instructor: Martin
Math 996 Special Topics in Harmonic Analysis Instructor: Torres
Math 996 Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Instructor: Nualart

Gateway exams

For information on the gateway exams or to practice the gateway please see this page.