Open Planning Meeting of IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Control Education
American Control Conference 2002
Anchorage Hilton
09 May 2002

Meeting Minutes:

Participants Present:
(N = 7; although Russ Rhinehart announce meeting at end of Awards Banquet)


Name - Affiliation - E-Mail

John Westman, Chair (JW) - UCLA -

Floyd Hanson Co-Chair (FH) - UIC

Kishan Baheti (KB) - NSF -

Won-jong Kim (WK) - Texas A & M Univ. -

Chris Kozlowski (CK) - Poznan Univ. of Technology, Poland -

Bob Leland (BL) - Univ. Alabama

Molly H. Shor (MS) - Oregon State Univ. -



1. Objective: Contribute beyond a mailing list.

2.  Introduce Audience.
     a. Get List of Names.
     b. Request Nominations for TC on Control Education.

3. Suggest Richard Murray report of the Panel on Future Directions in Control, Dynamics, and Systems education chapter as a basis for discussion of the need to make control more accessible:

4. CDC02 Panel

5. CDC03 Workshop (Part II of ACC00).

6. Seek activities or links of other Control groups in USA and abroad.

7. Highlight on web Control Group of the Month (or Moment?).

8. Seek Links to existing and new control programs, courses and control education papers.

9. Collaborate with other international control education programs such as IFAC.

10. Develop useful TC on Control Education webpage.

11. Compile Minutes for John Baillieul.


The Minutes:

MS: Suggested interaction with ACC03 and ACC04. For local high school teachers, must show lesson plan.

KB: Sports demos/projects best for high school.

MS: Need about 200 local high school students. At Johns Hopkins = 10-15 min. talks for 10-15 demos. At Cornell, robots used. Plus poster sessions would be good if done by 3pm.

JW: Suggested population dynamics using Maple demo.

KB: MATLAB good for control demos.

All: Introductions.

JW: Need progressive approach.

??: See Mark Spong on control education.

FH: See Richard Murray (CalTech) report of the Panel on Future Directions in Control, Dynamics, and Systems at website:

Education chapter is a good basis for making control accessible at many levels. Suggested submitting webpages (links) to for TC on Control Education webpage (turned out to be a source of confusion since some thought whole webpages rather that URLs were requested).

JW: CDC02 (Las Vegas) Panel on Control Education?
See Program Chair Ken Loparo.
CDC03 (Maui, Hawaii) follow-up workshop to ACC00.
See Program Chair Chaouki Abdallah.
Andrew Alleyne suggested.

MS: Andrew Alleyne goes to ACC, not CDC.

Gap: Talks to classroom: No lesson plan, No interaction; They have to learn something. KBFor Control: Contact Mathworks for demos. For teachers, Block diagrams useful. Get Mathworks to participate: show simulation tools. Mechanical demos - Governors; Quanser? (too expensive).

BL & KB: REU programs - Robotics demos.:

KB: See Cornell Demo; BYU RoboSoccer. Contact REU PIs. Don't expect result first time.

JW: MAA, SIAM, IFAC interactions.

CK: Successful robotic soccer. In Poland, Simple computer + PI + ...New program: Control and Robotics course. Change course, so students can get better jobs.

JW: Control Group of the "Moment". International Committees: e.g., IFAC.

MS: Does not expect big energy. Need sustainable efforts. Should not erase work of prior committees.

KB: Must be new and innovative; At convenient time (for teachers?)

MS: History of control; Industry control panels; ACCXX interactive demos.

KB: Use local community colleges and local high schools.

MS: Grow a repository of TC on Control Education.

From Notes of Floyd Hanson.
Edited 22 May 2002.

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