Tuesday, 23 July 2002
17:30 - 19:30, Room VX208

The15th IFAC World Congress

Barcelona, Spain


1. Roll Call


Ljubo Vlacic, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Petr Horacek, Sebastian Dormido, Hubert Roth, Kauko Leiviskš, Gunter Reinig, Istvan Vajk, Alexander Fradkov, Derek P Atherton, Andrzej Dzielinski, Katsuhiro Furuta, Klaus Schilling, Bohumil Sulc, Shoshiro Hatakeyama, Leena Yliniemi, Alberto Leva, Georgi M. Dimirovski, Naim A Kheir, Peter P Groumpos, Fred Kile, A Talha Dinibutun, Jose Sa da Costa

Karl-Heinz Fasol; H P Joergle

Approval of Agenda
Unanimously approved.


3. Approval of the 26 June 2001 Meeting Minutes (Arlington)

Unanimously approved in the form published on the EDCOM web page.


4. 1999 - 2002 Triennial Activity Report
Unanimously approved.


5. Scope and Tasks
Chair to update the terms to reflect the increased use of advanced teaching and learning technologies.


6. IFAC Control Engineering Textbook Prize

The Committee was advised of the TB‚s decision that the IFAC Control Engineering Textbook Prize be renamed „Harold Chestnut Control Engineering Textbook Prizeš in honour of Harold Chestnut, the 1st President of IFAC.

The Prize nomination process remains the responsibility of the EDCOM Chair.


7. Web Page

Chair acknowledged the superior contribution by Professor Karl-Heinz Fasol, the 1996‑1999 EDCOM Chair and 1999‑2002 Vice-Chair, to the initial design, publishing and successful maintenance of the EDCOM web site.

Chair proposed Professor Fasol be presented with a Letter of Appreciation in recognition of his contributions to EDCOM. Chair proposed that this Letter be presented to Professor Fasol during ACE 2003.

Chair advised that the EDCOM web site will be moved after the Congress to and maintained by the Chair. Access will still be available via the IFAC web site.

All proposals were unanimously accepted.


8. Forthcoming Activities

Kauko Leiviska, ACE 2003 Program Chair, provided an update on ACE 2003. An extension of the submission deadline to 15 September 2002 was suggested due to the duration of summer holidays in the regions of Europe and the USA. Since the ACE IPC meeting was scheduled for the following day, the detailed discussion on ACE 2003 was moved to that meeting.

The members were advised that EDCOM will co-sponsor the 2nd IFAC Conference onTelematics Applications in Automation and Robotics Ų TA2004 that will be held in Espoo, Finland, June 21Ų23, 2004.

Chair will initiate several projects and seek contributions from Committee members. The projects will be announced on the web page in due course.


9. Vice-Chairperson and Membership Roster

The following nominations were unanimously accepted:

Vice-Chair: Professor Bozena Pasik-Duncan .

Honourable Vice-Chair: Professor Emeritus Karl-Heinz Fasol

The Immediate Past Chair: H P Joergl

The Membership roster was updated. Chair asked Committee members to promote EDCOM among their colleagues at the host and collaborating institutions and seek new members.


10. Other Reports

A Fradkov reported on the 9th International Student Olympiad on Automatic Control (BOAC'02) that was held on 3‑5 June 2002 in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The aims of the Olympiad are to promote human and professional contacts between students from different countries and to support gifted young researchers in the field of Automatic Control.

65 students and young researchers from 28 universities in 19 cities from Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Macedonia and Sweden competed.

More details can be found at:

The next, 10th Baltic Olympiad, will take place in May 2004.


11. Other Business



12. Next Meeting

The next EDCOM meeting will be held during ACE 2003 in Oulu, Finland. The meeting details will be published on the EDCOM web site in due course.

The Meeting adjourned at 19:10.

Meeting Minutes drafted by Ljubo Vlacic, EDCOM Chair.


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