Tuesday, June 18, 2013
12:10 pm – 1:20 pm
Room 2
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel

In conjunction with the
2013 American Control Conference
June 17 - 19, 2013

Sponsors: Women in Control (WiC), IEEE WIE Committee, American Automatic Control Council (AACC), and University of Kansas.


  • Bozenna Pasik-Duncan (University of Kansas): Co-founder of WiC Group and First Chair of SC on WIC, Advisor for Women in Control, Former Vice President for Membership Activities, Past CSS Liaison to IEEE WIE Committee, AACC TC on Education Chair, CSS TC on Control Education Co-Chair.

  • Linda Bushnell (University of Washington): Co-founder of WiC Group, Advisor for Women in Control, Former Secretary Administrator, Present CSS Liaison to IEEE WIE Committee, Member of AACC TC on Education and CSS TC on Control Education.

Organizing and Program Committee: Includes Members of Women in Control, the IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Control Education, and the AACC Technical Committee on Education.

Purpose: This Special Session on History of Women in Control is designed to increase the general awareness of the importance of encouraging women to a control field and to make the Control Systems Society (CSS) aware of 25 year history of Women in Control. This Special Session will bring the visibility to important contributions made by women in control to the CSS Society during those 25 years. It will give the unique opportunity to demonstrate that a glass ceiling for women in control does not exist?... It will also give the opportunity to present women in control as remarkable women and remarkable citizens of the control community. History of Women in Control is the success story of women in control group that has served as a role model for other societies and organizations. This Session which will be also open to high school students and teachers from the invited local schools has its another goal: to attract K-12 female students to control.

This over 1 hour Session includes discussions with founders, sponsors, supporters, IEEE fellows, past, present and future chairs of the Standing Committee on Women in Control, and awardees of major control awards.

All Members of Women in Control are invited.

This Special Session is open to ALL participants of the 2013 American Control Conference.


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