Faculty Directory: Daniel Katz

Faculty Directory


Daniel Katz

  • Professor and Chair
  • Office: 405D Snow Hall
  • Phone: (785) 864-3651
  • Fax: (785) 864-5255
  • E-Mail: dlk53@ku.edu
  • Web-page

Research Interests

Commutative Algebra

Prof. Katz' research interests lie primarily in the field of commutative algebra with tangential interests in homological algebra, algebraic geometry, and computational algebra. Among the topics he is particularly interested in are the asymptotic theory of ideals, multiplicity theory, Rees algebras of ideals and modules, and homological problems in mixed characteristic.

Selected Publications

  • Asymptotic prime divisors of torsion-free symmetric powers of modules (with G. Rice), Jl. of Algebra, Vol 319 (2008), 2209-2234.
  • Hilbert polynomials for the extension functor (with E. Theodorescu), Jl. of Algebra, Vol 319 (2008), 2319-2336.
  • On the support of local cohomology (with C. Huneke and T. Marley), Jl. of Algebra, Vol 322 (2009), 3194-3211.
  • Uniform equivalence of symbolic and adic topologies (with C. Huneke and J. Validashti), Illinois Jl. Math., Vol. 53, No. 1 (2009), 325-338.
  • Multiplicities and Rees valuations (with J. Validashti), Collectanea Mathematica, Vol 61, No. 1 (2010), 1-24.
  • Hilbert polynomials for the contravariant extension functor (with A. Crabbe, J. Striuli and E. Theodorescu), Nagoya Math. Jl., to appear.

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