Mathematics Competitions for KU Undergrads

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KU Prize Competition | Putnam Exam | Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition

KU Prize Competition

The KU Mathematics Prize Competition is held every spring. The competition is directed by Profs. Yasuyuki Kachi and Hailong Dao.

The Senior Competition is open to all KU undergraduates. Some problems will assume knowledge of upper-division mathematics courses (Math 500, Math 558, Math 590).

The Junior Competition is open to all KU undergraduates without senior status. Some problems will assume knowledge of first-year calculus (Math 121/122).

Cash prizes are awarded to the top students in each category, and to the top first-year student. The winners will be recognized at the annual Mathematics Department Banquet.

Note: The KU Mathematics Prize Competition is different from the Mathematics Awareness Month Competition, which is open to elementary, junior high and high school students.

Putnam Exam

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the preeminent intercollegiate mathematics competition in the USA, held every December.

The official Putnam competition website has a large archive of previous exams and solutions.

Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition

The Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition is held every spring during the annual meeting of the Kansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America.

The KCMC is taking a hiatus in 2013.

Previous competitions:

The Kansas State Mathematics Department maintains an archive of problems and solutions for past editions of the KMC.

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