Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis - GTA

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Graduate Teaching Assistant

My son and I at the Omaha zooContact information:

Office: 547 Snow

Office Hours:

Fridays 12-1pm

Calculus Help Room Hours:

Mondays 1-3pm
Wednesdays 2-3pm
Fridays 1-3pm

Current courses:

Math 125 - Calculus I (information on Blackboard)

Academic Interests:

My academic advisor is David Nualart. I am interested in probability and stochastic processes. More specifically, I am studying random field solutions to some stochastic partial differential equations driven by multiplicative space-time white noise or noise that has spatial correlation. I am also interested in density properties of solutions to SPDEs via tools from Malliavin calculus.


Stochastic Burgers' Equation on the Real Line: Regularity and Moment Estimates, arXiv:1710.09950. With David Nualart. Submitted for publication.

Courses Taught/Assisted:

  • Math 765 - Real Analysis I
  • Math 209 - Functions and Modeling
  • Math 147 - Honors Calculus III
  • Math 145 - Honors Calculus I
  • Math 122 - Calculus II
  • Math 122 Lab Sections
  • Math 116 - Calculus II
  • Math 115 - Calculus I
  • Math 115 Online
  • Math 109 - Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I
  • Math 105 - Topics in Mathematics

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