Judith Roitman

I live in Lawrence, Kansas, and am a mathematics professor at the University of Kansas.

My interests include mathematics, mathematics education, and poetry.

I'm teaching Math 409, 410, and 558 in spring 2014. Online materials for Math 409 and 410 are posted on Blackboard.

A pdf text for a course in geometry (most Euclidean and transformational) for future high school teachers are here. A pdf text for a course in history of mathematics are here. Both texts are by Jeremy Martin and myself.

During spring 2005 I taught an advanced graduate class in  forcing. Notes for this class can be found here. Please let me know if you use them, thanks.

My old text Introduction to Modern Set Theory (published by Wiley 1990) is now out of print. It has been extensively revised, the revision is available to all, and I no longer will be using the old version. The revision is available as a pdf here. Thanks to the editorial and production efforts of Lon Mitchell, it is also available from Amazon as an inexpensive paperback.

Are you in the first or third person? I can't tell who's talking to whom.