Judith Roitman's Mathematics page

My mathematical interests are in set theory applied to topology and Boolean algebra.

Here at the University of Kansas we have a very active group in applied set theory. The other permanent faculty members in this group are Jack Porter and Bill Fleissner. We usually have some advanced graduate students and often have post-docs in this group, have an active seminar, and have several outside speakers visit each year.   For more information, see our  seminar Web page  .

Much of my early work involved S and L (and related) spaces and paracompact box products. From the mid-1980s through the mid-1990's I focused mostly on superatomic Boolean algebras (equivalently, locally compact scattered spaces), predominantly cardinal sequences and maps. From the mid to late 1990's I worked largely on Ostaszewski and sub-Ostaszewski spaces. There were some detours in the early oughts: almost disjoint families, and coarser connected topologies. For the last four years I've been looking again at paracompact box products.

If you are interested in similiar things, you might want to check out Topology Atlas.

Some papers include:

I also have a survey paper on applied set theory:
Infinity goes up on trial. R. Zimmerman