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The University of Kansas
Su Chen Kang


Math 116, Calculus II - Fall 2015


Instructor Su Chen Kang
562 Snow Hall
Prerequisites MATH 115, plus a course in trigonometry, or Math 121. MATH 103 may be taken concurrently.
Applied Calculus, Tan, Brooks/Cole, 9th edition, 2012, University of Kansas edition with WebAssign access code
(Or you can buy the access code only. You will have an access to e-book with the WebAssign access code)

Graphing Calculator TI-83,TI-84 Plus or equivalent
Office Hours

Exam Dates
March 8, 9 and 10
Final: TBA

Homework is a major part of the learning process in Mathematics. It is essential that students work on the problems on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to work and discuss the problems in groups, but they should turn in individual solutions. NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. There will be both on-line and paper homework.

On-line Homework
Go to Blackboard to access WebAssign. Online Homework will be due weekly.

On-line Quizzes
In addition to the weekly WebAssign homeworks, students are also resposible for completing the weekly quizzes on WebAssign.

Paper Homework
Paper assignments will be posted on Blackboard. Students are expected to scan their paper homeworks and submit them via Blackboard as PDF's.

Please note that there will be approximately 4 or 5 paper Homework throughout the semester.

Policy on Students
with Disabilities

The KU Office of Disability Resources (DR) coordinates accommodations and services for all eligible students with disabilities. If you have a disability and wish to request accommodations and have not contacted DR, please do so as soon as possible. Their office is located in 22 Strong Hall; their phone number is 785-864-2620 (V/TTY). Information about their services can be found at Please also contact your instructor privately in regard to your needs in this course.

Grading in the course will be determined by the total number of points obtained by a student. The points are distributed in the following way:

Final Exam 300 points
Midterm 200 points
On-line Homework 200 points
Paper Homework 200 points
On-line Quizes 100 points

Total 1,000 points

A total of 900 points will guarantee an A, 800 points a B, 700 points a C, and 600 points a D. Plus/minus grading will be used in this course.

Religious Holidays

Any student in this course who plans to observe a religious holiday with conflicts in any way with the course schedule or requirements should contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to discuss alternative accomodations.

Policy on
Academic Misconduct

According to University Senate Rules and Regulations, Section 6, Academic Misconduct is: "2.6.1 Academic misconduct by a student shall include, but not be limited to, disruption of classes; threatening an instructor or fellow student in an academic setting; giving or receiving of unauthorized aid on examinations or in the preparation of notebooks, themes, reports or other assignments; knowingly misrepresenting the source of any academic work; unauthorized changing of grades; unauthorized use of University approvals or forging of signatures; falsification of research results; plagiarizing of another's work; violation of regulations or ethical codes for the treatment of human and animal subjects; or otherwise acting dishonestly in research."

Policy on
Intellectual Property

Course materials prepared by the instructor, together with the content of all lectures and review sessions presented by the instructor are the property of the instructor. Video and audio recording of lectures and review sessions without the consent of the instructor is prohibited. Permission to make such recordings may be granted by the instructor on a case by case basis, on the condition that these recordings are used only as a study aid by the individual making the recording. Unless explicit permission is obtained from the instructor, recordings of lectures and review sessions may not be modified and must not be transfered or transmitted to any other person, whether or not that individual is enrolled in the course.

Final Grades Final grades will not be posted. Go to for your final grade.