Course Descriptions

Mathematics 409
Topics in Mathematics for Secondary and Middle School Teachers

Topics from Euclidean, non-Euclidean, and transformation geometry, and from history of mathematics are selected to give breadth to the mathematical background of secondary and middle school teachers.

Text: Prof. Roitman's notes

Prerequisite: MATH 122 or Math 126. Students enrolled in Math 409 must concurrently enroll in Math 410.

Credit Hours: 3


 1. Constructions: Geometer's Sketchpad; straightedge 
    and compass
 2. Euclidean geometry: the basics
 3. Contrasting spherical and plane geometry
 4. Basic transformational geometry
 5. Similarity
 6. Symmetries of polygons
 7. Tesselations
 8. Friezes and their symmetries (optional)
 9. Platonic solids
 10. Euler's formula
 11. History and sociology of mathematics, a brief 

May not be counted as junior-senior credit towards a major in mathematics.

(Roitman 2016 )

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