Faculty and Lecturers Directory

Faculty and Lecturers Directory

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Bayer, Margaret bayer@ku.edu(785) 864-3651405G Snow Hall
612 Snow Hall
Bell, Denis d696b554@ku.edu(785) 864-4324602 Snow Hall
Chen, Geng gengchen@ku.edu(785) 864-5292541 Snow Hall
Chen, Le chenle@ku.edu(785) 864-4452541 Snow Hall
Dao, Hailong hdao@ku.edu(785) 864-3914508 Snow Hall
Duncan, Tyrone teduncan@ku.edu(785) 864-3032533 Snow Hall
Feng, Jin jinfeng@ku.edu(785) 864-3764510 Snow Hall
Gavosto, Estela A.gavosto@ku.edu(785) 864-4028545 Snow Hall
Gay, Susan sgay@ku.edu(785) 864-3006613 Snow Hall
341 JRP
Hart, Jarod jvhart@ku.edu(785) 864-5186521 Snow Hall
Hernández, Daniel hernandez@ku.edu(785) 864-4630527 Snow Hall
Hu, Yaozhong jfu@ku.edu(785) 864-3565526 Snow Hall
Huang, Weizhang wzhuang@ku.edu(785) 864-5150554 Snow Hall
Jiang, Yunfeng y.jiang@ku.edu(785) 864-3070625 Snow Hall
Johnson, Mat m079j743@ku.edu(785) 864-7307611 Snow Hall
Kachi, Yasuyuki kachi@ku.edu(785) 864-7308622 Snow Hall
Katz, Daniel dlk53@ku.edu(785) 864-3651405D Snow Hall
(785) 864-5159501 Snow Hall
Lang, Jeffrey haras@ku.edu(785) 864-3055506 Snow Hall
Lerner, David lernerd@ku.edu(785) 864-5181524 Snow Hall
Liu, Weishi minhu@ku.edu(785) 864-3912627 Snow Hall
Mandal, Satyagopal mandal@ku.edu(785) 864-5180502 Snow Hall
Martin, Jeremy jlmartin@ku.edu(785) 864-7114618 Snow Hall
Miedlar, Agnieszka amiedlar@ku.edu(785) 864-5166522 Snow Hall
Montaño, Jonathan jmontano@ku.edu(785) 864-4315641 Snow Hall
Nualart, David nualart@ku.edu(785) 864-4788556 Snow Hall
Oh, Myunghyun myoh12@ku.edu(785) 864-5182624 Snow Hall
Pasik-Duncan, Bozenna pasik13@ku.edu(785) 864-5162503 Snow Hall
Porter, Jack porter@ku.edu(785) 864-4367516 Snow Hall
Purnaprajna, Bangere purna@ku.edu(785) 864-5291512 Snow Hall
Schaad, Beat (Raphael) b896s379@ku.edu(785) 864-4055643 Snow Hall
Shao, Shuanglin s762s108@ku.edu(785) 864-4762615 Snow Hall
Sheu, Albert asheu@ku.edu(785) 864-5148616 Snow Hall
Song, Lei l916s327@ku.edu(785) 864-7116509 Snow Hall
Soo, Terry t926s829@ku.edu(785) 864-4360610 Snow Hall
Stanislavova, Milena stanis@ku.edu(785) 864-4369525 Snow Hall
Stefanov, Atanas stefanov@ku.edu(785) 864-3009514 Snow Hall
Talata, Zsolt talata@ku.edu(785) 864-0109601 Snow Hall
Torres, Rodolfo H.torres@ku.edu(785) 864-7310546 Snow Hall
(785) 864-7237205 Youngberg
Tu, Xuemin x939t548@ku.edu(785) 864-7309511 Snow Hall
Van Vleck, Erik erikvv@ku.edu(785) 864-5290504 Snow Hall
Witt, Emily witt@ku.edu(785) 864-5149523 Snow Hall
Wu, Xinfeng x145w615@ku.edu(785) 864-0106637 Snow Hall
Xu, Hongguo feng@ku.edu(785) 864-3005603 Snow Hall


Church, James jchurch@ku.edu(785) 864-3651405 Snow Hall
Cobb, Benton ebcobb@ku.edu(785) 864-3651522 Snow Hall
Creese, Tom tmcreese@ku.edu(785) 864-5166522 Snow Hall
Fleissner, William fleissn@ku.edu(785) 864-5292618 Snow Hall
Galvin, Fred bof@ku.edu(785) 864-4300524 Snow Hall
Himmelberg, Charles himmelbe@ku.edu(785) 864-4300524 Snow Hall
McClendon, James Fred (785) 864-3651405 Snow Hall
Mostert, Paul paul@mostert.net(859) 223-1490405 Snow Hall
Paschke, William paschke@ku.edu(785) 864-4300524 Snow Hall
Roitman, Judith jroitman@ku.edu
Stahl, Saul stahlex@ku.edu(785) 864-5166522 Snow Hall
Van Vleck, Fred fvanvlec@ku.edu(785) 864-5166522 Snow Hall

Research Associates


Babb, Eric babbe@ku.edu(785) 864-7356331 Strong
Beatty, Rochelle rbeatty@ku.edu(785) 864-1494451 Snow Hall
Cigler, Beth cigler@math.ku.edu(785) 864-4435333 JRP
Dougherty, Marti m249d623@ku.edu(785) 864-7356331 Strong
Huber, Joe jhuber4@ku.edu(785) 864-5293304 Snow Hall
Jacobs, Lauren laurenjacobs@ku.edu(785) 864-1494451 Snow Hall
Kang, Xiuli x553k951@ku.edu(785) 864-4362645 Snow Hall
Kangas, George gwkangas@ku.edu(785) 864-3845635 Snow Hall
Kim, Amy eastleyk@ku.edu
Niknejad, Jila jila@ku.edu(785) 864-5292623 Snow Hall
Pham, Vinh v982p092@ku.edu(785) 864-1494451 Snow Hall
Scholle, Minho minho@ku.edu(785) 864-7119539 Snow Hall
Serio, Grant jgserio@ku.edu(785) 864-7117547 Snow Hall
Wang, Ming mwang@ku.edu(785) 864-7119539 Snow Hall

Teaching Specialists

Brennan, Joseph brennanj@ku.edu(785) 864-4366631 Snow Hall
Peterson, Ingrid ipete@ku.edu(785) 864-7319323 Strong Hall
Shabazz, Melissa mshabazz@ku.edu(785) 864-4310507 Snow Hall

Recognition Ceremony Honors Employees’ Service

Congratulations to our faculty and staff who will be recognized at the 2017 Employee Recognition Ceremony for their years of service to KU.

Joseph Huber 10 years
Zsolt Talata 10 years
George Kangas 15 years
Milena Stanislavova 15 years
Atanas Stefanov 15 years
Erik Van Vleck 15 years
Yaozhoung Hu 20 years
Kerrie Brecheisen 30 years
Jeff Lang 30 years